Welcome to Adventureland!

This drawing is kinda different from what I draw usually but I really wanted to try something new this time. As you know, drawing portraits is really my thing. But I like to get out of my comfort zone sometimes I guess. I was inspired by my trip to Disneyland Paris again… I think it’s good to escape a lil bit with that kind of Magic, right? And since it is for my “magic sketchbook”, it really makes sense. Ahah

I used pastels, oil pastels, pencils and glitter for this drawing. I also enhanced the Magic letters with Photoshop.

By the way, yesterday I won a very nice package on My Lip Addiction thanks to my friends who tagged me and followed Cat’s website, so thank you guys (and thank you Cat)! Some of them are bloggers too so I will share their websites:



& Lauren

Have a great weekend, y’all!