Lo que no me mata, me alimenta


Still focusing on my sketchbook. This time I’m back with a portrait, sketch of the amazing Frida Kahlo. As a woman (a brunette!!) and an aspiring artist… I’ve always been fascinated by her life and her art and I remember as a child being blown away by the bright colors in her paintings. And let’s be honest, it was reassuring to see a lady with big eyebrows too. It is hard growing up sometimes. Ahah

Anyway, I’m feeling very inspired lately and it is so good to be able to share my new drawings here!! But don’t forget to follow me on Facebook too and to give me a like!!!  :) https://www.facebook.com/dontchawannadream

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas… Yes I’m late!

Yes I am but I am also BACK… I guess. At least I don’t live on a ship anymore. ;) I tried to keep creative as much as I could during those last crazy months of my life but it was not easy. Basically no space, no time to paint. Here are some sketches and drawings I shared on my Instagram @undecidedcha… It will probably be new to many of you. :)

Hope this new year has been good for you so far. I did not forget you and cannot wait to read all my WordPress friends’ comments!! Cha xx

Bongo & Carlos Bongu in Tanger Mosquée Bleue - Istanbul Tanger Christmas 2015 Bongu's Christmas Wishes