Drowning in an open sea


“I’m scared that I am drowning in an open sea
You’re standing on the shore not even noticing
Just when I was thinking that I couldn’t be lonely any longer”

‘Fault line’ inspired me for this portrait but it’s actually a capture from the next video clip (‘Best You Ever’, which is a pure treasure too). Michelle’s back, it’s like the old Cha is back too. Her album is coming this week… cannot wait! Enjoy both songs.

Adrift and at Peace

adrift and at peace.jpg

Cristina: Is this typical? I mean to go for hours without a bite?
Derek: Well, the only thing predictable about fishing is that it’s unpredictable.
Cristina: Wow, that’s deep.
Derek: Yeah, why don’t you ponder that for a while. Quietly.
Cristina: Cristina: I can’t stop. I can’t turn my mind off.

I have made so many portraits of Cristina… but this one is my favorite. Loved this episode so much cause I relate a lot to what she is going through in season 7. It’s all about finding herself again. The person she was and is. And it’s a long road.

I decided to not really finish this painting. I wanted to keep a sketchy vibe. Hope you guys like it too.

The search for fact



“Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.”

I really miss my archeology classes. Hope y’all like this quick sketch of Indiana. ❤

Silver Lining


‘If you’re ever gonna find a silver lining
It’s gotta be a cloudy day
If you wanna fill your bottle up with lightning
You’re gonna have to stand in the rain’

My inspiration was this wonderful song ‘Silver Lining’! Kacey’s songs are pure masterpieces. Lyrically, musically… Love her and her band. Like I’m totally obsessed actually! 😄




I do believe Ozzy is a genius. And I love his version of John Lennon’s How. So here it is for you. We need more inspiring people. With a heart! And a brain too. It helps. I cannot take self-centered and superficial people anymore, especially at this moment of my life. When you get affected collectively by such a terrible attack as it happened last week here and you see no reaction from certain people, who keep on living their lives as if it was totally fine just because they didn’t know anyone who died… it’s just crazy. Going through many things personally for a year, I started to lose faith in humanity. I had many lonely moments. LOTS. FOR MONTHS. But I thought… okay, whatever. I am strong. But when I see people, in such a situation, completely lacking compassion and empathy, still obsessed with the way they look and stupid things, I don’t get it. 

But hey, I will always be an optimistic person, I just have some bad days.

How can we go forward when we don’t know which way we’re facing?
How can we go forward when we don’t know which way to turn?
How can we go forward into something we’re not sure of?

“I have a saying. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. I say that because I don’t even know who Ozzy is. I wake up a new person every day”.

Ozzy Osbourne

M’en bati sieu nissart


La Prom’ ❤

Thinking of everyone suffering here and everywhere else in the world.

Honor the True Love


“I have a personal ambition to live my life honestly and honor the true love that I’ve had and also the people I’ve had around me.”

Lana Del Rey

The Revenant


The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots.



Bye Bye February! Here’s a drawing I made on Valentine’s Day and… kinda forgot to publish it here!

I am sharing pics of my sketches on Instagram… almost daily, so follow me!

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