Journaling + Disneyland


I already published this drawing but I am sharing it again ’cause I added this map of Frontierland (one world in Disneyland Paris). I plan on doing this for more lands now!! It is just so cool to open one sketchbook and only find positive things to look at (= full of glitter and cute memories). Love the fact it is unique and personal. Wish I could get paid to do this for other people. My dreamjob = making personalized books/art.

And… here’s another sketch I made :

Disney Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle – oil pastel sketch with glitter



So… this is for you Agathe!! :)

Agathe is a very good friend of mine and she’s been so supportive since the very beginning of this blog that I really wanted to make something special for her, something she can keep forever. <3 Plus, I was (and still am) so happy to have my own painting with my boyfriend that I thought, it is a very nice present to make to someone… someone special of course! :)

Have a very nice weekend everyone!



Just because I like to have shiny, crazy and very bright drawings and collages in my sketchbook! This one is very different from what I do usually. I just wanted to recreate the atmosphere of Chou Wasabi’s video clip: the weird creatures, the nature… and Julien Doré of course! When I listen to this song, I just feel GOOD. Hope you enjoy too :)

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Julien Doré

Paris Seychelles

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C’est nous #Franzil + Chacha Noël

c'est nous!

So as promised… I’m sharing today the scanned version of my little collage/drawing. In real life it shines a lot more but… it is better than nothing, right? I am also working on a new drawing/painting… it is a secret project for one of my friends… She has no idea but will see her portrait here… and not only her portrait! Anyway… I will shut up now. I gave way too much information. But I am feeling like Santa lately. :D

I also wanted to share this beautiful picture my friend Cat Forsley made for me. She loved my sketch ‘St Patrick’s Tofu’ so much (Tofu is her super cute mega rockstar chihuahua) that she wanted to say thank you with one of her wonderful creations. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAT!!! Check out her website and her brand new blog, My Lip Addiction! It is about make up and many other beauty stuffs!!! Love it!

More magic <3

imageThe sketchbook adventure continues…

This was a big challenge ’cause it is very small but this collage/drawing is my new favorite!! :) Really happy with the result. I will probably share another picture of it (the scanned version) but for now, here it is! Meu amor and me.

Happy St Patrick’s Day… from Tofu, with Love

st patrick's tofu

Gimme oil pastels, glitter and a magazine… and I am the happiest person on earth! This is a little present for my friend Cat. Tofu is her adorable chihuahua and I have him  forever in my sketchbook now!! :)

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all