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New painting coming…



“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


And here’s my first abstract digital painting.


Made with Picsart on my tablet.

Sketch on a train


‘Never miss an opportunity to show your love’

Paulo Coelho

One of my life mottos. I almost lost my dad in early August. During that very difficult time I kept saying to myself that I’m lucky enough to say that my dad had always known how much I love him. And now the road to recovery is long but he can hear me again pronounce those words every day when I visit him.

Furthermore, this situation has made me think a lot about compassion, a value that has always been important to me. And I can say that I don’t understand lack of compassion. Never did, never will. Sadly, not so many people care nowadays in our society. So I’d like to thank those few real people who keep showing me love, with sincerity and generosity ’cause anyone suffering needs a hand, a word or a nice gesture.

Inmates aren’t allowed


– Can I have some gum? 

– Sorry, no. Inmates aren’t allowed… It’d look like I liked you. 

– Don’t you? 

Bennett and Daya – Orange is the New Black

I will scan this painting soon but love how it shines in the first picture!


Young and Beautiful


“Oh that grace, oh that body
Oh that face makes me wanna party
He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds”

The Chickening



This sketch is officially finished! Worked on some details again and added more color. I guess I cannot go against my nature. ;) So here it is… again, the Chickening, an illustration inspired by Orange is the New Black.

Red is probably one of favorite characters and I loved her even more in Season 2. She has so much depth! I’m about to watch the third season so please, don’t tell me anything. ahah

*no spoiler, please* *I repeat, no spoiler* *thank you very much* :D

By the way, I really needed one major blog change! I picked this new theme, very different from what I’ve had so far! Hope you guys like it!

Maybe this is a bad time to say hi


When I start this kind of sketches… it is impossible for me not to add more details. Because first of all I love painting portraits so much… but also when I decide to work with oil pastels, it is hard to stop because it is a medium requiring a lot of work and patience and just for the record I scanned this painting 8 times before feeling satisfied. It’s like my eyes can only see the flaws and it looks always worse – than it actually is – once scanned! But consider this Alex Vause portrait finished. You can check out my Facebook page or Instagram gallery to see how it first looked like as a quick sketch (no background and rough portrait).

Oh and… by the way… I am seriously addicted to Orange Is The New Black.

Piper Chapman


‘I have been teased, stalked, threatened and called Taylor Swift’

OITNB sketches

image image

I started to watch Orange Is The New Black a few days ago… hence these sketches!

I knew I would quickly become an addict… The actors are very good and of course, as always, I want to know what will happen. Buuut I had to force myself a little bit with the 2 first episodes since the atmostphere is quite dark (the show is about women in prison… some of them are crazy and murderers sooo you get it). The Mindy Project and New Girl are more my kinda tv shows if you know what I mean (GIRLY stuff, glitter, fashion, cuteness, romance, comedy).

But it was definitely worth it to keep watching it.

These are the pictures I shared on Instagram. Follow me @dontchawannadream

I won’t bother you with boring selfies, I swear! Only my drawings and paintings. ;) Thank God!

Can we make a pact?



Thank you Hulu for saving The Mindy Project! Cannot wait for season4.

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