OITNB sketches

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I started to watch Orange Is The New Black a few days ago… hence these sketches!

I knew I would quickly become an addict… The actors are very good and of course, as always, I want to know what will happen. Buuut I had to force myself a little bit with the 2 first episodes since the atmostphere is quite dark (the show is about women in prison… some of them are crazy and murderers sooo you get it). The Mindy Project and New Girl are more my kinda tv shows if you know what I mean (GIRLY stuff, glitter, fashion, cuteness, romance, comedy).

But it was definitely worth it to keep watching it.

These are the pictures I shared on Instagram. Follow me @dontchawannadream

I won’t bother you with boring selfies, I swear! Only my drawings and paintings. ;) Thank God!

14 juillet

imageIf you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook… you already saw this Sébastien Tellier painting! If not… well first go follow me please ahah and well I guess you guys are lucky ’cause today I wanted to share it here on WordPress too because it is France’s National Day!!!

This painting was a request and I cannot say I’m a huge fan of this French artist because I didn’t know his music before… but I listened to some of his songs while painting and I was very surprised. It’s very good music! I like requests like this one because it allowed me to explore something new! Plus, I’m proud to be French and share French culture on my blog when I have the opportunity.

Un excellent 14 juillet à tous!!!


Canada Day & 4th of July with Barney Stinson


First of all… Sorry to my Canadian followers. Didn’t forget you but just could not post anything on July 1! Hope you had a great day! Happy belated Canada Day with this quick sketch of Barney Stinson I made yesterday! :D

And here’s another painting of Barney for my American friends to celebrate this special day today!!! Enjoyyy!!! Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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