I’ve been nominated by Vinita for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award. Thank you so much, Vinita!! 🙂 Please, check out her blog Tvhookedfigures. If you’re a tv addict (just like us!) and like poetry, you’re gonna love it!!

Some of you nominated me for other awards in late 2012 and also this year but most of the time I didn’t pass them because of a lack of time and/or because I already had been nominated for the same award. So thanks to all the people thinking of me. I always appreciate it!! ❤

ABC Award : The rules for receiving the award are simple. 1) Thank and link back to who nominated you. 2) Say something about yourself with a word or a phrase beginning with each letter of the alphabet. 3) And of course nominate some other bloggers for the award!

So here it goes…

A- Annie from… ; B- … Bridesmaids! ; C- Chaaa… okay too easy… then “childish drawing below” ; D- Drop Dead Diva… wow 3xD! Feeling so powerful right nowE- ‘Eageeeel” (Scrubs reference here) ; F- F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ; G- Guitar ; H- Hearts Expire, my favorite Summer 2013 song by As The City Rumbles Underneath ; I- Ice cream… nutella & stracciatella, s’il vous plait ; J- Jason Segel, he’s sooo hilarious! ; K- Kindle ; L- Lionsgate BeFit videos ; M- Music junkie ; N- Nude make up for summer ; O- Once Upon a Time ; P- Pinterest!! ; Q- Queso… always quesoR- Rachel Green ; S- Scrubs ; T- Tarot, I’m now so good at this gameU- Unicorns for obvious reasons ; V- The Vampire Diaries ; W- Wombania <3, couldn’t think of another word! 🙂 ; X- X-ams are over!!! ; Y- Yoda, there must be at least one Star Wars reference ; Z- Zen 🙂

My Unicorn + JD
New pages from my sketchbook. Looks kinda rough compared to my paintings but wanna share anyway… 🙂 JD’s love for unicorns is just awesome!


So here are my nominees (I’ve picked people I’ve never nominated before) :