10X11 cm (3,9X4,3 inches)

Last year I bought “Twenties Girl” by Sophie Kinsella. I read  it on my summer vacation and for the first time I managed not to get distracted by the noise around the pool… I just need quiet in order to read, I’m not blaming anyone here! 😉  But THIS book is totally fantastic and entertaining. If you love chick lit, mystery novels AND ghost stories, you won’t regret it!  Trust me…

Before reading it, I didn’t know much about the Roaring Twenties. And what I love about reading is that you can learn tons of things… This book has made me want to know everything about the 20’s. So now you know why I painted this gorgeous flapper lady.

As for the dragonfly, I painted it because “Twenties Girl” tells the story of a ghost, Sadie, who needs to find her missing dragonfly necklace so she can rest in peace. But she needs help, that’s why she decides to haunt her great-niece, Lara… 

Besides the dragonfly has many different symbolic meanings, which I think is pretty interesting for such a small (but nonetheless charming) thing!


12,2X12 cm (4,8X4,7 inches)