“You saved me with all your love”

3 years ago my dad survived a brain aneurysm rupture. It’s been a long, very long road with months of coma, hospitals and rehabilitation. I’ve NEVER lost faith although at the beginning and for months doctors were just telling us terrible things. Very, very bad news everyday.

One day I’d like to do something special to connect with the people facing the same situation ’cause I lived that… and still am living it. When the accident happened, I decided to never lose hope and be strong whatever the doctors would say. I found a strength inside me I never knew I had. Maybe sometimes it was denial but it helped me focus to be there for my dad for the long haul.

I love my dad more than anything. He is a real sunshine and when I look at him I always see this kid on the picture. Look at those eyes!

Taking care of your loved ones can make a change. Be there for them and love them