Dreams…dreams…dreams. I painted this yesterday, feeling like I should make a landscape. Just googled Hawaii and found some nice inspiration. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and I realized that that wish had kinda disappeared until yesterday. ‘Cause guess what? It’s back. I just got it. Totally unconsciously. Maybe it’s a sign I am back too.

My blog has always been about dreams. I paint what makes me dream. I am a dreamer, it keeps me alive to have dreams to fulfill, especially these past few months, spending all my time at hospitals, speaking to pessimistic yet honest doctors, being around very sad families, feeling other people’s pain, not being able to sleep… I have been through a lot. Emotionally especially. My dad almost died in front of me. Then he spent months in coma. No one could tell us if he would wake up and how. But today he was able to say Happy Birthday to me, and yes the road is still long. Very long. But today it’s like everything makes more sense.

Turning 27 today I want more than ever to fulfill my dreams, keep having hope, and keep thinking nothing is impossible. Cause no one, absolutely no one but me, thought there was a chance for my dad to survive. I will never stop thinking that there is hope. Cause there is. Always.

I want to keep shining for my dad ’cause he said I was his light. So I will keep doing what I do best, believing and dreaming. And sharing art.