I guess whether you were raised in the US, in France or Brazil, flying on this dragon is the dream of many people! I wanted to make a nice illustration of this wish. I remember watching The Neverending Story as a child and being so captivaded and amazed, feeling like in a dream. I would love to watch it again but I am too afraid to lose this very nice feeling. Don’t want to be disappointed.

The drawing is very small since I did it for my sketchbook and it just looks like a postcard… I have to say… it’s not very humble of me but I LOVE IT! I scanned it and here below you can see what it looks like now in my sketchbook cause I had to cut the sky and I decided to add some glitter for the magic effect (it’s not like I was using glitter gel all the time, right! Ahah). So here it is!!

And I’m so loving this drawing I already started a way bigger watercolor version of it!