c'est nous!

So as promised… I’m sharing today the scanned version of my little collage/drawing. In real life it shines a lot more but… it is better than nothing, right? I am also working on a new drawing/painting… it is a secret project for one of my friends… She has no idea but will see her portrait here… and not only her portrait! Anyway… I will shut up now. I gave way too much information. But I am feeling like Santa lately. 😀

I also wanted to share this beautiful picture my friend Cat Forsley made for me. She loved my sketch ‘St Patrick’s Tofu’ so much (Tofu is her super cute mega rockstar chihuahua) that she wanted to say thank you with one of her wonderful creations. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAT!!! Check out her website and her brand new blog, My Lip Addiction! It is about make up and many other beauty stuffs!!! Love it!