Chris Magic Sketch


First and last post of June!! Only one little drawing this month… it’s so unusual for me (but I have good reasons, I swear). I started a painting but couldn’t find the time to finish it and even though I tried to work on it today…. let’s face the reality… I need to sleep! 😀

So I’m sharing this sketch that doesn’t exist anymore. I RUINED it. lol I didn’t like it. But when I look at it now (well I mean this scanned version –  before turning it into a complete different and worse drawing)… I think I may have been a lil bit too harsh on myself. And also I really needed to share something ’cause I can’t stand the fact there’s no archives for June 2014. #ImNotEvenLying Ahah

Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying Summer 2014. And the worldcup!!! Go France/ Allez les Bleus!! 🙂