11,8 x 17 cm


So thrilled to share this painting!! It’s my second gouache attempt on canvas. I don’t know if it’s the star sunglasses or the chewie+glitter combo but it makes me smile. lol Yesterday I posted a picture of it on Facebook while the glitter glue was still wet.

As I have more time now exams are over, I can relax A LOT and make tons of different things like sleeping, watching tv shows, painting, painting, drawing, painting and… crocheting. I’m really excited. My grandma taughed me to crochet when I was 8 and it’s something you cannot forget. It’s SUPER easy.

Anyway, yesterday I found the cutest Yoda on Pinterest and decided to make a crochet replica. Then I started to add some green beads anddd… here’s what it looks like. *bead obsession*

Baby Yoda – 6 cm tall

Have a great Sunday!