16 x 17,5 cm
Bearfraz – 16 x 17,5 cm

Fraz would really like to help his friend Bearman and be hired as his new spokesperson… Let’s be honest, he has a point. He’s the most famous wombat on earth and… well, since Prince George’s favorite animals are wombats… He should definitely appear in Bearman’s picture to promote his annual charity challenge!!! 🙂

Bearman does that “to raise awareness of [his] blog while giving money to charities who need it”. If you want to be a part of it, here’s the link.

When I visited Bearman’s blog earlier, I just stopped everything I was doing – exam revision… *sigh* – and  worked immediately on this little cartoon. I used wax pastels. The original pic is really rough so I changed it a litte bit with Photoshop (background + black lines). Thought it would be fun to make a drawing of Fraz (from Wombania) as Bearman… Bearfraz. 🙂

Have a great weekend y’all!