23 x 39,5 cm

When I decided to paint this scene from Grey’s Anatomy (season 9 episode 10), I knew it would be quite difficult to make that sugar ice on Jo’s mouth. So giving a title that could help you understand it’s sugar and not saliva (not that I think my followers are dumb but I’ve really been asked ‘what’s that? Saliva?’ :D) … that was my solution! And I’ve just had that flash of genius : “SUGAR CRUSH”!!! Ahahah I came up with that idea because I’m such a Candy Crush addict.

For those who don’t know Candy Crush, when you reach a level, a very funny low male voice rewards you and says stuff like “sugar crush”, “delicious”… “Sugar crush” sounds perfect here ’cause Karev realizes he has a CRUSH on Jo. I’m sooo brilliant! Ahahah

Anyway just know that I’m not myself anymore. I dream about that game. For real.  That’s insane. But please be honest, did you read this post’s title in your normal voice? … that’s what I thought! 😀

Hope you like the painting. I have to say, I use almost exclusively my watercolor pencils now. I’m using very cheap ones ( Bic Kids Aquacouleur Colouring Pencils) and I also like to work with my Caran d’Ache Neocolor ll Water Soluble Wax Pastels. But if you don’t want and/or cannot spend that much money on art supplies… Seriously the Bic Kids pencils are great! 

Have a great week / bonne semaine à tous!