30 Bis rue Spontini, Paris
29,7 x 42 cm


I painted this double portrait for an exhibition organized by IAE Business School’s students. It will take place next week in Nice and its theme is “l’art du leadership”. 🙂

Two weeks ago I watched the French movie Yves Saint Laurent (directed by Jalil Lespert and starring Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne). The actors’ performance is beyond amazing. Go see it when it’s out in your country, seriously!!

I couldn’t paint someone else, it had to be Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. I wish I had more time to write this post but you get it, this painting means a lot to me because 1) it’s for my first exhibition EVER, 2) these men are BRILLIANT, 3) it was a huge challenge : I really had to think to make this composition. It’s not just a “portrait”. It has a meaning.

Anywayyy I’m sooo excited! 

For more information, check out the exhibition’s Facebook page and don’t forget to like it!!!! It’s really important to all these students who have been working really hard! 🙂 Thanks. xx


**Just so you know, YSL’s suit is not as white as it is in this scanned image** 

*** I used oil pastels ***