21 x 29,7 cm
Dia de los Muertos + Cha
21 x 29,7 cm

I didn’t want to share this one but I just changed my mind…  Maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow. Ahah It’s weird… sometimes you look at a painting and only see the flaws… and 5 minutes later, you see it differently. I really don’t know what to think of this one.

I painted it very very quickly so it looks rough – to me. But at the same time it’s here on my desk so… whatever!  Some of you may like it. 🙂 Sometimes I have good surprises when I read your enthusiastic comments.

I’ve always been fascinated by Dia de los Muertos. I guess making this self-portrait was a way to be a part of it! lol

Oh and by the way, Kat Graham (the actress who plays Bonnie on the Vampire Diaries) just started following me on Twitter. I shared the Halloween painting there too… Soooo she saw it! That’s pretty cool, right?