As some of you may know, I’m working on a new oil pastel painting. I’m really excited!! Here’s a pic of my new work : it’s on my Facebook page.

Sometimes I’m super a little bit lazy and working on a painting you don’t want to mess up means being focused. And with those very high temperatures lately all I wanna do is sleep or watch tv. Which I do. But I also hate doing nothing. So I’m having fun with little projects!

I tend to get super excited when it comes to filling  up new notebooks or sketchbooks. I bought this one in Spain, I thought it was very cool. For those who don’t speak Spanish, it says “Imagination is the best superpower”.

I want to include different kinds of work in this one, not only drawings. I used to make tons of collages when I was younger. It was a great way to recycle all my magazines. I guess I missed that time. 😉

Voilà! Have a great day everyone! And please, don’t forget to like my Facebook page. 🙂 xx