Happy New Year 2013, everyone!
I’m so so so excited. Look what Bec, my very creative and talented friend, shared on her wonderful blog! πŸ™‚ Bec and Arlo, her fiancΓ©, are a beautiful couple. So glad Arlo loves my painting! Please, visit Clouds of Colour, Bec’s blog.

Clouds of Colour

dontchawannadream painting 1

Last year I met an amazing artist called Cha. She lives in France and does portraits of celebrities and posts them on her blog dontchawannadream. A few months before Christmas I asked her if she would do a portrait of Arlo and I for Arlo’s surprise Christmas gift. So here are a few photos of what she painted and how excited Arlo was after opening it! We LOVE the painting Cha! You are soooo clever! Merci merci! Make sure you check out her blog. xo Bec

dontchawannadream painting 2dontchawannadream painting 3

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