Joey’s Eyebrows

14X15 cm

Hi, everyone!!

After 2 weeks of hard work, my exams are FINALLY over (I’m so happy).

I’m back with a new watercolor of… Joey Tribbiani ;) This episode (“The One Where Monica Sings” Season 9, Episode 13) is SO much fun.

Friends will never get old. It’s also special to me ’cause I used to watch it to learn English (yeeaars ago). Watching foreign tv shows really helps if you want to learn languages. I’ve been watching Friends in Italian lately (I kinda understand questa bellissima lingua, I live near the border) but I probably should buy Italian movies instead.

If you do know some great serie tv italiane, let me know.

36 thoughts on “Joey’s Eyebrows

  1. I’m gald to hear your exams are over, Cha! In time for a nice summer, hoepfully.

    Your English is so good, before I knew otherwise, I would have never guessed it wasn’t your native language. And now you’re learning Italian? I’m partially Italian and I know not a word! You’re smart AND talented!

    • Thank you, Binky!!! Yes, well I’ll be working this summer but at the moment I can enjoy freeeeeee time. And in a few weeks it’ll be hot enough to go to the beach! Yihaaa
      Thanks A LOT for your compliments. You’ve really made my day. :D
      I think everyone is able to speak foreign languages. It’s just easier when you’re passionate!!!

  2. Phew… :) I can imagine how good it must feel!
    Great painting, as always.

    Agree on the beauty of the Itallian language, especially in songs and poetry. My home country (Croatia) is the other neighbour
    Ciao Ragazza :)

  3. Now this one Cha.. I do know.. ;-) lol as I did used to watch Friends.. :-) Excellent painting.. you are so very talented my dear young friend…
    Now I have all on understand ENGLISH lol some days :-) ;-)… and its wonderful that you can speak so many languages.. xxx Hugs to you Cha… ~Sue

    • Hey Nuno!
      No, it’s way too early for French administration lol I have to live without knowing the results. Kinda!
      I don’t know if you’ve read Stephen Clarke’s books. “A Year in the Merde” is really hilarious. It’s about an Englishman struggling with French culture (and French administration of course…) Really believable!
      Anyway this year’s a little special. I have a final exam in September so I’ll have to wait longer.
      Thanks for visiting.

      • Thanks for the book. I’ll try to get it. Also we are slooooow. It’s universal :-)

        Forget the results. Learn is most important. And have fun!

  4. Well done on finishing your exams
    and of course for this wonderful painting
    of Joey Tribbiani it is truly brilliant Cha :)

    Hey your English is wicked, of course my
    French is rather poor, even though at school
    I was quite good :) Mind you that was back
    in 1427 so I guess that I can be excused for
    my hopeless French lingo :) lol

    Hey have a lovely Wednesday and be good ;)

    Androgoth XXx

  5. I’m sooo happy for you you’re exams are over :-) . Do you have a long holiday now?
    One thing I like very much about you’re paintings is the action/movement. I can so imagine you’re images move a bit while I look the other way. Good one, Cha :-) .

    • Hey, Hanneke!! Merci!
      Now I can rest and have some fun. :D I’ll be working this summer though.
      Thank you for your compliment. It’s something I don’t plan (I mean the action). I just paint what I see… But I’m glad you like that!!! :)

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